Welcome to my campaign, “The Exarchs of Bane.” This site will act as the central repository for all information related to the campaign.

As adventures start, postings will be added to the Adventure Log. All pertinent information will be listed in the Wiki. Important NPCs will listed under the NPC tracker.

Due to the fact I’ve only ran 2-3 nights of encounters, please feel free to PM me anything which might be helpful to me.


House Rules can be accessed by clicking the link to the left.


Updated 2/23

Homework can be accessed by clicking the link to the left. Homework will be meant to give me ideas on how to flesh out our world. The reward for completing the homework will be some XP relative to the difficulty of the work. New homework may be added periodically and will be noted on this page.

Playing Online

Online playing is being added to this campaign. Since I am already using MapTool for help with encounters; I have decided to utilize this tool to run some encounters. Nothing exceedingly groundbreaking will take place other than the progression of a dungeon or series of events. Important stuff will still take place on meeting dates.


  • Jon – Trogdor – Dragonborn Paladin
  • Brady – Tits – Dragonborn Warlord
  • Bryan – Kenny G – Dwarf Cleric
  • Ethan – Slade Craven – Human Ranger
  • Scott – Tom Berenger – Human Wizard
  • Nanners – – Warlock
  • Kay – - Rogue

The Exarchs of Bane

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