The Exarchs of Bane

First Adventure

The party began together at the local tavern in Brindol. After settling in, a large group of goblins busted down the door and engaged the townsfolk and PCs. Several barmaids were killed in the encounter.

After vanquishing the goblins, the party stepped outside to see a giant Ogre pulling a wagon, throwing flaming barrels. Slade Craven took the initiative to throw his only torch into the wagon, setting the barrels on fire. Each barrel subsequently exploded dealing massive damage to the Ogre and his hobgoblin pals.

The next day, the party met with councilman “whatever-his-name-was” and received the quest to rescue those kidnapped. The party interrogated a goblin to learn more information. Slade peeled off one of his fingernails. Slade also decided to rob the local alchemist’s home. He managed to find 1 healing potion and several love potions.

The party went on its way towards Rivenroar castle, where the goblins are holding the townspeople. Along the way, the party discovered a Kruthik nest. These bugs gave the party some trouble but were eventually vanquished.

The night ended with the party rested, ready to continue moving on towards Rivenroar castle.



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