The Exarchs of Bane

Second Adventure

After spending the night in a forest, the party happens upon a bridge crossing a small creek. On the other side of the bridge, three people are having a wonderful picnic. Playing the flute merrily, the picnickers and the party on the other end of the bridge, notice a huge beetle with a rider atop it. This rider happens to be a hobgoblin. Hoping to kill everyone in sight, the rider springs his trap by blowing his horn and alerting more goblins waiting in ambush. Eventually, the monsters were slain with the combined efforts of the two groups.

After deciding to join forces, the two parties reach Castle Rivenroar without much trouble. They enter only to discover more hobgoblins waiting for them. They are using a trap that Tom quickly subdues with his magehand abilities. The hobgoblins prove little match for the party but who knows what else lurks within the confines of this old castle?



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