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This Wiki will be the central location for all relevant data for the campaign. Blue links are links that go to a page with data. Red links are meant to be expanded upon but are not yet complete.


Empires rise and fall and civilizations prosper and crumble but one thing remains constant; the world is locked in permanent conflict. Few bastions of light exist in the world. There are whispers that the old gods are returning to the world.


The Order of the Rising Sun stands as a beacon of hope to the masses, shielding the weak and punishing the evil. With their power, the world’s order will be restored. The Blinking Tower pierces the sky of Ishmar, capital of the Order. From here, the inner circle of the Order metes punishment and reward. Without the Order, all out war would have broken out between the nations of the world. For now, leaders of countries are content with small skirmishes and power struggles while currying favor for the Order.

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