Playing Online

Here are some of the things you’ll need

  • MapTools – Download from here (You’ll want 1.3b53)


  • Go to this site. Fill in the appropriate information and you’ll get a nice MapTool friendly macro to use when you use a power. This will roll the dice and everything. The only stipulation is that when rolling more than 1 die, to separate them out. In other words: You input a daily that does 2[W] and you are wielding a dagger. This means, you roll 2d4 for damage. Enter 1d4 + 1d4 in the tool so that we can see what each individual die rolled when moused over.
  • To add the macro go to Window – Selection. Select your token and right click where it says No Macros. Select Add Macro and then right click edit. Paste in your info and give it a group (such as At-Will, Encounter, Daily). Check the Apply to Selected Tokens.


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