The Order of the Rising Sun

Founding of the Order

The Order of the Rising Sun was founded 62 years ago by Harond The Just. Without his intervention, the continent would have torn itself apart in civil war. Harond The Just united the leaders of the waring factions and founded the Order. After 40 years of leadership, Harond disappeared without a trace. The leadership torch was then passed on to his son, Telind.


There are 5 castes within the Order of the Rising Sun. They are listed as follows:

  • High Templar
  • Bishop
  • Justicar
  • Templar
  • Knight

High Templar Telind acts as the leader of the Order. An inner circle of Bishops represents the decision making body of the Order. Each caste within the Order is honor-bound to follow the orders of those in the above castes. There is usually an Order office in most major towns. These are ran by a Justicar who reports directly to the Bishop of that region.

The Order of the Rising Sun

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